Safety Statement

At AfroMarket, the safety of our users is of paramount importance to us.

Please exercise common sense when dealing with people.

Our platform provides a robust system where you can discover items for sale near you, or you as a seller can list items for sale. Our users find the service very useful and indispensable. 

However, there are some bad actors that may want to exploit systems or individuals. So be cautious and always put your safety first.

We have institued some safety features within the app.

Here are Some features of AfroMaket to keep the bad guys out:

  • Email verifications - Every registered user needs to have their email addresses authenticated before signing in into the system. You will be able to verify if a user has authenticated their email address by a check mark on the Email icon.  If a users uses Facebook signup or signin, Facebook authenticates the user and sends the user through our registration system.
  • Facebook account verification - When a user connects their Facebook account with their AfroMarket account, you will see a Facebook logo with check mark on it. This indicates that the user has successfully linked their Facebook account with AfroMarket. This adds an extra layer of trust and credibilty to that user's account.
  • Phone number verification - If a user connects their phone number to their AfroMarket account, a unique confirmation code is sent to the user's phone as a short message (SMS). The user is expected to then confirm this code with AfroMarket. Once the user correctly confirms the code, the user's account is marked as phone verified. This is indicated by a check mark near the phone icon. 
  • Listing flagging - AfroMarket has a feature that lets users flag inappropriate content (listing) on the platform. You will see this below every listing on AfroMarket website and also on our smartphone apps. Every reported listing gets reviewed by an employee. Decisions are made to either remove the listing, ban the user, or take appropriate action as the case may warrant.

Of course you can always email us at if you see anything unsual on our platform. Help us make AfroMarket a safer place for all of us!

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